Florida Real Estate News: More Homes In Foreclosure And Underwater

FloridaIn the fourth quarter of 2011 home prices fell even more as a result of seasonal decline and slow real estate market. Lenders foreclosure slow down.

Such price decline has put approximately 400,000  more home owner nation under water.  In the Florida local markets the majority of foreclosed properties was shown in South Florida.  While the real estate market has been hit hard and bank owned properties rule the market. What does it mean for you?

More bank owned properties with deep discount prices has an impact as well on short sales, pre-foreclosure and regular home sale prices. This means for you more properties to BARGAIN Prices.  You need not only access to those listed Florida properties for sale on the market, but many are not yet listed – giving you the opportunity to make an offer before other buyers and investors know of them. Our established Network can give you access to does Florida properties listed and not listed.

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