VA Condos Fort Lauderdale FL

VA Condos Fort Lauderdale FL

When purchasing VA Condos Fort Lauderdale FL you need a different process and approach than purchasing a VA financed Single Family Home. All properties with VA financing has to follow VA guidelines. Whit those guidelines  the Veteran Admisstraction (VA) wants to make sure and protected you when purchasing under VA financing guidelines. Many times  VA buyer didn’t know that buying VA Condos Fort Lauderdale FL need to be under this VA guidelines.

Find Your VA Approved Home

VA Condos Fort Lauderdale FlAs you can see it becomes even more complex when you purchase VA condos Fort Lauderdale FL. Let me start with one of many VA guidelines.

VA Guidelines

Did you know that the  guidelines established by VA is stating that the condo the vetran purchases has to be in a VA approved association?

That is why you are here in the right place.  Here you can and find many resources and start searching for VA approved Condos Fort Lauderdale FL. If you like a community you are interested in we can assist you with that too. We start to look if your condo is on our compiled list of all VA approved Condos Fort Lauderdale FL. We not only have a list but also the knowledgeable and resources to assist you with theVA guidelines and requirements.

Qualified VA Realtors

Now that you found us we are qualified and knowledgeable VA Realtor and not just a regular real estate agent. In fact many real estate agents ask us for our help and guidence with all VA requirements and guidelines. Continuously we educate countless agents on VA requirements after they were surprised that their clients property didn’t qualify for VA financing.  It is sad when their client’s dream home was not approved by VA. Not to mention all the wasted valuable time, efforts, properties and resources for their customer. Don’t be one of those buyers by looking at properties that do not qualify under VA rules and guidelines.

If you are  interested in a certain property  immediately contact Annett at (954) 543-1794 and find out if the property quailfies under VA guidelines.  Your next important step is to require your  “VA Certificate of Eligibility” from the Veteran Administration Center in Fort Lauderdale if not already done.  To receive the Certificate of Eligibilty there is no cost of service to you.

Thank you to all the brave Men and Woman for your Service!