Florida Realtor Representing Veteran

We are Florida Realtor Representing Veteran

We are your Florida Realtor Representing Veteran when you buy or sell your home. As soon as your property involves VA financing  you need someone on your site with special knowledge with VA financing guidelines. Purchasing a VA home is with very liberal qualifying guidelines for you as a  veteran.

When you as a veteran purchase a home with VA financing you will find out that financing guidelines are very liberal to qualify.  Therfore, it is important for you to hire a Florida Realtor representing Veteran when financing a home. VA Realtors have special knowledge and will help and guide you through the  specific VA financing guidelines.

Florida realtor representing VeteranVA Condo Guidelines

In fact, there is a huge difference when you purchase a home with VA financing. The difference is between the property type you purchase. While a  Single Family Home has different guidelenes than a Condo or Townhome and makes a huge difference. If you purchase and finance a condo you have additional VA financing guidelines than the Single Family home.

Buying A VA Condo

Did you know that one VA guideline is that your condo needs to be in an VA approved association? So make sure to start looking for an VA approved Condo associations. Hire a Realtor who has actual knowledge about VA guidelines and does not waste your valuable time and resources. Therfore, let us be your  Florida Realtor Representing Veteran. Staring off your home search we have a compiled list of all VA approved condo association. This will assure you your home search is under the VA guidelines. Not only do we have the condo approved list but also provide you with our special knowledge on all VA financing guidelines and requirements.

Find Your Perfect VA Home

Florida Realtor Representing Veteran

As statedv before your first step in your home search is to find your  qualified and knowledgeable Florida Realtor Representing Veteran.  Many real estate agents have called us about our knowldge on VA guidelines and who were not familiar with VA requirements. Those we have educated countless agents who didn’t know about VA requirements.  Agents have wasted  valuable time and recourses when their client found out that the contract was not approved by VA.  Don’t be one of those buyers who are wasting valuable time, money and resources looking and making offers on properties that do not qualify under VA guidelines in the first place.

If you are searching or found your VA condo immediately contact Annett call/ text her at (954) 543-1794 to find out if your condo is in a community by VA approved

Next it is an important step to require your  “VA Certificate of Eligibility” from the Veteran Administration if not already done so. There is no cost of service to you.

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Florida Realtor Representing Veteran
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Thank you to all the brave Men and Woman for your Service!