Veteran Buying VA Financing

Veteran Buying VA Financing Offered

If you are a Veteran Buying VA Financing it will be pretty much an easy process for you, because VA has very liberal qualifying guidelines for their veteran’s buying a home in Florida.

Veteran Buying VA FinancingBecause if Veteran’s buying VA financing we have to distinguish between buying Single Family Home, a Condo, or Townhome.

While it is easier to buy a Single Family Home under VA guidelines, it becomes more complex when buying a condo with VA financing. This is because Veterans buying VA financing for a condo in Florida requires us to follow  special VA financing  guidelines.

VA Guidelines

A special relevant VA guideline requirement is that we know is that the condo you want to buy needs to be located within a condo association that is already approved by VA.

We recommend you look and work with  a Florida Realtor representing Veteran.  Therefore , we should be your Realtor while we have the special knowledge about VA approved condo association in Florida.  In addition, we do have the knowledge about the VA financing guidelines and know the requirements when buying a VA home or condo to better assist you in your buying experience.

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VA Zero Down Payment

Another plus for our veterans is that VA does not require a minimum credit score. But do not forget that some lenders may require a minimum credit score for their VA loan programs. VA has zero down payment requirement. If veterans are willing to put some money down they have a higher qualification rate.

Please keep in mind with a zero down payment you still will be required to pay closing costs. Those closing costs are not covered under the zero down payment program by your lender. It is the lender for the VA loan that requires and charges those closing costs.

Closing Cost

To better understand VA only “insures” the loan with your lender but those not provide the loan directly to you.

As explained above closing costs are required by the lender and not by VA. Therefore, this closing costs are not waived and need to be paid at the time of closing day. Most likely this costs becomes a cash requirement from the borrower. There are other possibilities how to cover any required closing cost we know of.

Discover Your Options about Paid Closing Cost

If you are a veteran and need to know more about Veteran Buying VA Financing, VA loan programs, VA Buyer Qualifications and VA APPROVED CONDOS  contact

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