Five Top Tips For First Time Home Buyer

Five Top Tips For First-Time Home Buyer


Five Top Tips For First Time Home BuyerAs a first time home buyer the home buying process can be somewhat confusing and intimidating before, during and after the home buying process.

Our First Top Tips for First Time Home Buyer:

Hire a professional who will guide you through the home buying process. They will assist you before the home buying process, during and even after you’re bought your home. If you sing a buyer’s agent agreement you will be sure that the agent will protect your interest 100%.

Our Second Top Tips for First Time Home Buyer:

Find out how much home you can afford.  A good tool to start is a mortgage calculator, but there is no substitute for a meeting with your lender.  Your lender will give you an in depth overall financial picture and can give you a price range what you could afford.  THAN STAY IN YOUR MEANS.  Don’t look at homes you cannot afford. You will risk falling in love with a house out of your price range and will be disappointed at each home you see afterward.

Our Third Top Tips for First Time Home Buyer:

Get pre-qualified by your lender.  If you are going to pay cash then this step will not apply to you, but be aware in certain circumstances you need to provide proof of funds. Sellers preferred buyers who are pre-qualified and will look your offer more favorable. If you want to buy a distressed property, foreclosure or short sale one of the requirements when presenting any offer will be that you present a pre-approval or pre-qualification letter from your lender.  With any cash offer you need to supply your proof of funds (A financial institution official letter).

Our Fourth Top Tips for First Time Home Buyer:

Make a Checklist of your needs and wants in a home. Find out what you NEED.  After this, you can extend your checklist with your WANTS. Focus your home search on your needs first and if you can afford get some want as well. You should be flexible on your wants. Your Agent will assist you with your needs, wants and what you can afford.

Our Fifth Top Tips for First Time Home Buyer:

Follow this steps and you will be surprised how easy the home buying process can be. Prepared and armed with the right tools you quickly will find your dream home.

We make available for First Time Home Buyer a limited number of our Home Buyer Handbook free to download.

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