Tallahassee Home Buyer Needs To Know The Truth

After rejecting a another Tallahassee Home in the NE area of town in A+ school zones with all the needs and some wants of a buyer and finding out a way to best finance the property, the buyer just flat out rejected.

There was nothing else left for me just to give them a reality check. Which turns out I’m the one with an attitude. Ouch! That’s the rather harsh assessment by a disgruntled buyer after telling them that they have to look what they need and can afford instead of what they want.

After viewing almost 35 to 50 homes and failing to find any home for the buyer they liked under $150,000, Lisa had this to say to me.

We are not finding anything that we want, it is not getting great and nowhere.  I don’t care what I need and I want what I want. I can not know what the market brings and how the homes are looking at the picture. I want a 4 bedroom/ 2 bathroom move-in ready home, I don’t care about light fixer upper in this price range. I don’t want to pay more than $135,000 which is already my limit, I don’t want to fix anything, I want the best school zones, I don’t want to follow other people’s rules, I want a driveway for four car’s or more, I don’t want a privacy fence but I want a chain fence for my dogs, I need land and I don’t want neighbors, I don’t have any down payment and I need 100% financing and I don’t even bother with your advice anymore since you have an attitude.

Well, I guess it depends on what your definition of what “attitude” is.

Telling the buyer that they need to look for what the need and can afford instead having daily “add on’s” to their want list doesn’t seem to me having an attitude but giving a buyer a reality check.

You can find a half-decent property below $150,000 within North West Tallahassee, and maybe within the North East Tallahassee area as well, but you are going to have pay more if you want a home in pristine, move-in condition and with all your wishes.

If you want to buy a home below $150,000, you need to forget about move-in quality and look at potential. Even more so in the NE area of Tallahassee.  Can this be fixed up? Is it a house I can upgrade and renovate when I live in, or is the condition so bad it needs to be practically rebuilt and I will not get?

Certainly the hottest segment of the market right now in Tallahassee is under $150,000.

But despite Lisa’s poor choice of words – sorry my attitude- is your truth look for what you need and can afford instead what you want – if you need to buy a home now.

After all, nice, move-in homes with all your wishes come with a big premium attached which are not in the price range they desire.

Lisa you are going to have a long wait. There are plenty of good homes out there in good locations and conditions.  Cut your wish list and look what you need and can afford, that’s my advice . If you want a move in ready home in NE Tallahassee with all your other wishes, you really have to pay a premium for it. If you get something you need instead of want, you can get a decent property with light repairs otherwise, you still will look at homes and never buy.

Tallahassee Home Buyer Needs To Know The Truth!