South Florida Home Buyer Are You On The Fence

South Florida Home Buyer Are You On The Fence

South Florida Home Buyer Are You On The FenceSouth Florida Home Buyer Are You On The Fence? Are you one of them and sound familiar to you? Are you a  Home Buyer in South Florida who is on the fence then you need to read this.

If you are a South Florida Home Buyer are you on the fence and wanted to wait and see what else it out there? This is a story of one of my buyers who didn’t listen to our expertise and learned his lesson, I certainly hope so.

The one place out of over 20 homes we saw with our buyer in South Florida was a charming, lovely place. It was the one, but… the buyer was always certain they will find a better place they can call their South Florida home. With this one home, we made it even so far that the buyer was ready to write an offer right at that home.

But then a funny thing happen, and the  home buyer decided to wait a little longer. True, maybe we didn’t see all of the homes they wanted to see. Yes, it is a big investment and buyers wanted to be sure they’re making the right decision. When I ask the buyer to write an offer on the home they thought this is it, they said: “Well, I love it and it is perfect but I want keep looking just in case”.

Does it sound familiar? I may not show the buyer all houses in South Florida, maybe another  South Florida Realtor did, maybe they just kept looking their own and they drove around in South Florida and thought they can keep looking.

Time has gone by,  the buyers  have considered their options. I understand buyers are watching the news and they think there is no rush, that’s what the news tell us.

Now that the buyer called me and are ready to write an offer on their dream home, I had to tell them the bad news. The house was under contract with another buyer. Even more, the seller had been in a multiple offer situation on the home they liked so much.

It is happening every day and more often as buyers may think. Great homes with the correct price at excellent interest rates are moving quickly. Now we have to start from square one but I hope the next time, when the buyer feel that home is the right one for them, we will move quick and show the seller that they are interested and that they are serious.

The market has changed and we no longer have a buyers market and sellers have the choice from too many buyers in the market, at least in our South Florida area. So don’t wait too long, because the next home can move as quick as the first one did. Don’t be that one Home Buyer in South Florida who is on the fence and will loose out on this still incredible real estate market.

We can help find you the perfect home you can start here if you are no longer want to be the South Florida Home Buyer Are You On The Fence !

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South Florida Home Buyer Are You On The Fence