Selling My Florida House As A Short Sale Is An Embarrassment

FLorida– You might think it is an embarrassment to sell your home as a short sale. “My friends will laugh at me when they realize that I owe more on my house than it is worth”, some people think.

The reality is that many Americans are in your same position. In fact, some experts think that over a quarter of all homeowners are upside down.

In fact, this statistic is even worse in areas where the housing market has taken a big drop. You have nothing to be embarrassed of. On the contrary, you should be proud that you are handling your affairs in a responsible manner.

Short Sales usually reduce your lender’s losses by 20%. This means you are actually doing your part to help the housing market and economy. You are doing your part to stop the decline in the housing market. Your neighbor who opts to let their bank foreclose is hurting the housing market.

This is because bank owned properties usually sell for less than a short sale. We have seen this first hand. A Short Sale sells for $400,000 and then a similar bank owned home sells for $300,000. This is because banks don’t maintain the homes they sell and buyers know they can get a bargain.

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