Are Realtor’s Really That Dumb And Messy Or Are They Playing THE Game?

Are Realtor’s Really That Dumb and Messy or Are They Playing THE Game?


Are Realtor's Really That Dumb and Messy or Are They Playing THE Game?I work with a buyer in Tallahassee for quite some time. He is pre-qualified and ready to go. We have lost a few deals to investors, but we keep going to try to find him his home.

Now that we have found another home it turns out the Sellers Realtor is a piece of work and could jeopardize the deal. Are Realtor’s Really That Dumb and Messy or Are They Playing THE Game?

Before showing I made sure with the listing agent that the property is still available, no contract on it, no ongoing negotiations and if a six weeks moving period would be acceptable to the seller. She was happy about the six weeks since the seller needs to finish building his home first before moving.

The property has come on the market, we showed it, and nothing in the house was close to the description in the MLS “shows magnificently and well-taken care off. Yea right – it seems living standards mean different things to different people.

Everything was old, heavily used, but the buyer could work with it. In my opinion, even it is overpriced as of the price per square feet and I have let her and my buyer know.

But my buyer liked to make an offer. He is tired of always losing out to other. We made an appropriate offer so that we don’t risk any appraisal issues and ask for some closing cost help.

We received a counter where now the seller out of the blue needs to close end of July, 2013 since they didn’t even start to built yet. To top this they ask for full price and split half of the sellers concession. The buyer countered, accepted the full price, late closing date, but ask for full concession(3%)

Now she calls and tells me that the seller was not even pre-approved, that he has to clear his income-debt ratio and that the builder needs to be sure that the now seller has funds to closing. Now the buyer can buy the house BUT  the seller needs to rent it back for approximately five month.

Excuse me what?

Are you taking me for a ride and wasting my time? It is not possible with an FHA loan to rent the house back, and I will not jeopardize my license. I told her that the counter was a fair counter and that the story she tells now is not of my business since she represent now suddenly the builder, where the now seller wants to buy the house from the builder later.

Later I get a call if I knew the lender since my buyer is a state employee and gets a special loan program and that an out of town appraisal could be an issue. I told her before that I think that the appraisal could be becoming an issue, since the comp in the area have a price between 80-85 $/sq ft and they are asking for $126 a sq ft.  She told me stories about out of town appraisal. I stated just that we don’t know yet, and if the appraisal becomes an issue we deal with it then. (Good to know that the seller needs to sell the house first and that we then have a better negotiation position).

Our counter offer deadline passes and I get an email that she is busy and that she has no time to meet the seller and that we should have an answer the next day after the deadline. Next day passes and no answer.

So I wrote her this morning if I missed her answer. Of course, no answer until 2PM. We received a counter again, where they ask that the buyer applies for the loan immediately and waits with closing to July 31, 2013. What The Hxxx . I called her and explained that this will not be possible, to get a loan commitment for a closing 5 month away, and she needs to revise the counter. She agreed to revise the counter. During the conversation, it turns out that the builder in the meantime had first qualified the seller as the new buyer for their new built home.

It comes even better-now they revised the counter, full price offer, half of the concession and buyer wants to remove a memorial tree out of the yard. I called her if she is serious? She told me to stop making problems where there are no and she is sure that the buyer will not mind? What else will come in the meantime.? I am not sure Are Realtor’s Really That Dumb and Messy or Are They Playing THE Game? This gives me a bad feeling and who knows what else comes up.

I made it clear that if she would had represented the listing correct I never would have recommended it to the buyer. Now the buyer gets mad since she doesn’t care about deadlines and I need to present the third counter. She stated that she didn’t know any of the things what the seller pulls now. Yeah right- didn’t you have a seller interview where we find out and question things like that. And don’t you represent the same seller as a buyer for the builder. Are Realtor’s Really That Dumb and Messy or Are They Playing THE Game?

In my opinion, this behavior puts a shame on all of us who are professional and thorough. I don’t want to be put in the same category of a Realtor that Are Realtor’s Really That Dumb and Messy or Are They Playing THE Game?

I really would like that the buyer keeps looking in this instant and that I don’t have to deal with that Realtor again and I ask my self Are Realtor’s Really That Dumb and Messy or Are They Playing THE Game?

I will keep you updated what the buyer will do and hopefully the seller in the mean time knows how bad the listing agent represent him and the transaction.

To make an educated on your next listing agent when selling your home let us know and we will see what if we can do something for you.