How To Prepare For A Hurricane In Florida?

How To Prepare For A Hurricane In Florida?

How to prepare for a Hurricane In Florida?Do you know how to Prepare For A Hurricane In Florida when June 01 comes around the corner? June 01 in Florida means Florida is heading into the Hurricane Season. The hurricane season lasts until November 30 the same year.

Do you know how to prepare for a Hurricane in Florida?

Even we have been lucky for a few years (knock on wood) a good preparation is key. Weathering out any Hurricane the key is preparation ahead of time. This will take off a few worries if you do so ahead of time.

First start out with an emergency plan for you and your family. Everybody should know what to do in case a storm is coming and where to go. Great tips are written for hurricane preparation all over and google is a great place to start. You can get a lot of information about a hurricane before, during and after the storm. You can get great training and exercise tips on

A hurricane can involve high winds, rain, storm surge, and flooding. It can be a nerve-racking time when storms are announced. It’s a not only fearful for you and your family, but friends and other relatives fear for you as well. Hurricanes can involve severe weather conditions that can last for several days.  Most hurricanes are traveling slow through the area in fact. Always be prepared for the worst.

My family is prepared.  We have food and water for several days stored. That includes canned foods, bulks of water, candles, extra gas for our BBQ-Grill (for cooking if we have lost power), a radio, powerless cell phone charger, paper plates, and cups.  Our cars are always filled up with gasoline during Hurricane season. Every year when the season starts we go over how to prepare for a hurricane in Florida and get prepared ahead of time.

When a hurricane is announced you can expect long lines in grocery stores, gas station, pharmacies, home improvement stores etc..  You will be surprised how fast water, food, and gasoline is out when a Hurricane is on its way.

What do you need In A hurricane kit:

Start preparing your emergency kit now which should include water, food, medication and other important supplies.

  • Non-perishable food for at least 3-7 days
  • at least for three days Drinking water for each family member
  • Food and Water for your pets
  • Batteries
  • Medication for all family members
  • First aid kit
  • Flashlights
  • Battery-operated radio
  • Cash
  • Toiletries
  • Clothing
  • Evacuation route

We have weathered out a few storms in Fort Lauderdale for the past 19 years. If you are new to our area or even own a vacation property you need to make preparations to secure your properties and have your families in a safe environment during the storm.

You can find many helpful information and brochures. Hurricane preparation brochures are laid out in supermarkets with checklists. Also, you find many helpful articles on the web. We hoped we have given you enough information to start thinking about the upcoming hurricane season and how you can prepare for a hurricane in Florida before one is on his way.

Have  a safe Hurricane Season!

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