Living In Central Florida

Living In Central Florida

Living In Central FloridaAs the name states itself Central Florida connects the region between North Florida and South Florida.  Living in Central Florida  is a perfect mix of both the North and the South of Florida Lifestyle, the “old” and “new” Florida.  In many areas of Central Florida you still find the same “old Florida” Lifestyle as in the region of North Florida, an old, slow laid back lifestyle with their southern charm right next to a metropolitan area with its vibrant vibe.

In the northern part of Living in Central Florida many have chosen to live there because it is a life at a rural setting but are close enough to the bright light city life. The southern part of Central Florida is more influenced by the South Florida lifestyle.  Many of the Central Florida residents come from somewhere else, they are retirees, immigrants or relocated from the northern united states.

Living in Central Florida includes the area of Tampa along the Gulf of Mexico on the west side and the cities from Daytona Beach to Cape Canaveral along the Atlantic Ocean to the east.  Best known cities in Central Florida besides Daytona, Tampa and Cape Canaveral are Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Lakeland, Ocala, Gainesville and of course not to forget Orlando.

Weather in Central Florida is just gorgeous. During the hot and humid summer month, the perfect location between two coastal lines gives you the much-needed breeze but also brings lightning and thunder to the area, sometimes even tornadoes. Summer in Central Florida starts in June and ends in October. Hurricanes are a threat to the coastal areas.

The neighborhood flair with Living in Central Florida is part of the North Florida southern charm and part of the South Florida vibe. The Central Florida Real Estate market benefits from a variety of lifestyles. There are numerous lifestyle choices between plantation settings, country settings, a lifestyle within the charm of older established neighborhoods, a lifestyle surrounded by more established areas from the older days or a modern South Florida lifestyle with new construction homes.  Central Florida properties are wooded homes, lake front properties, ocean front homes, homes on the golf course or country homes. But also you can find high-rise buildings on the both Central Florida coastlines, typical for the Florida landscape. Central Florida was one of the hardest hit area during the real estate crash where homes have record loss on home values.

Central Florida is home to the Ocala National Forest and is home of the world’s best natural springs with their cool and transparent fountains.  There are endless acres of orange groves, gently rolling vineyards, moss covered oak trees and miles of beautiful white sandy beaches along the coastlines. You can experience all the nature with biking, hiking, fishing, golfing and much more. Major universities/ colleges are located throughout Central Florida, such as University of Central Florida (UF) in Orlando and  University of South Florida( ([USF ]yes that is right) in Tampa to name a few.

Central Florida is best known for their Theme Parks such as World Disney World, Universal Studies in the Orlando area where all Florida residents qualify for discounted tickets and packages for unrestricted access to Disney Parks, we know it for their Biker fest and Daytona 500 in Daytona Beach, the Florida Aquarium in Tampa and in general the Tampa Bay area.

International Airports in Central Florida are located in the City of Orlando, Daytona Beach, Melbourne, Tampa and St. Petersburg.  Major interstate are I-4 in Central Florida brings you from the west coast to the south coast, I-95 from South Central Florida to North Central Florida along the east coast and Florida Turnpike.