How To Close An Open Permit In South Florida?

How To Close An Open Permit In South Florida? 

How To Close An Open Permit In South FloridaHow to close an open permit in South Florida? Did you know that in 2013 there were over 400,000 open permits in our Tri-County area of Dade County, Broward County and Palm Beach County?  More and more a the question arises from clients – How to close an open permit. Twenty-eight percent of those open permits are related to Real Estate Transactions.

In most cases it is easy to find out if you have an open permit on your home. Contact your local municipal before thinking about selling your property. These issues need to take care off before you want to bring your home on the market for sale.

What to Do If I found out about an Open Permit?

Open or expired permits often times can be closed easily by having the permit reactivated or renewed, professional work inspected and the permit closed. Talk to your building department they are happy to assist you with any open/ expired permit related issues.

What If I Received A Code Violation?

If you are dealing with a code violation matter – time is of the essence. This is NOT the time for you to wait that the problem will go away. In many cases, you only have 30 days to correct the violation, have permits pulled before the file will go to the magistrate where daily fines can and will be assets against the property in many cases. After 90 days liens and fines can be filed against the property until the violations are corrected.

When a code violation is issued you need to hire a licensed professional right away to bring the code violation and permit work up to code. Code violations are not to be taken as a personal attack from an inspector rather it is for your own safety and health. There is a reason why building codes are enforced to protect the health, safety and lives of people.

Is A Code Violation A Lien Against My Property?

At the time a code violation is issued by a building inspector there will be a code violation on record with the municipal division in your county or and city. At this time, a code violation will NOT affect the title of your property.

Even if not in the public records to be found open permits or code violations can become an issue when open permit searches are performed. Many real estate contracts do not protect you as a buyer in regards to those open permit issues and searches. You need a knowledgeable resource who knows how to protect you when writing a real estate offer in your Contract for Purchase. Annett T. Block has the knowledge and knows how to protect you on open permit issues or code violation when writing a contract.

After any code can not be resolved or proper be taken care off after a short time period the violation can become a lien and at that time, it will be a Title defect and need to be cured. Again at this time as a buyer you need to be protected when writing an offer for Purchase.

If you are a seller or buyer at any time there can a permit or code violation issue arise and you need a knowledgeable professional who can guide you through the process of spotting or resolving any permit issues. It is a process of steadily working on the issue to resolve the problem and making progress how to close an open permit.

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