Florida Financing: How Long Must I Live In A House Once I Buy in Florida?

Florida Connects – When you apply for a residential loan, a lender will ask if you intend to use the property as your prime residence.  If the answer is “yes,” then it is expected that you will physically move into the property withing the next 3 to 6 month and live there for some time.

There does not seem to be a set definition in the term “some time,” but what lenders are getting at is this:  They do not want to make residential loans with low rates and little down to investors.

Thus, if someone gets a residential mortgage, instantly moves out, and quickly rents the place, lenders will be more than unhappy – they may call the loan.

They may also review the loan application to see if fraud was involved.

Lenders do not want borrowers to move in and then rapidly move out, but they will look at the “facts and circumstances” if such an event occurs.

For instance, a sudden job change not known in advance might be a valid reason for a move after several months of occupancy.  What lenders do not want are situations where a “residential” borrower is actually a disguised investor.  Given that most homes are occupied for 8-10 years, a move after several months or a year is likely to set off bell.

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