How Do I Know If I am Ready To Buy A Home in Florida ?

FLorida  – It’s easy to understand why so many people want to own a home in Florida: It’s more than just a place to raise a family and build a life, it’s a good investment and it is living in Paradise.

Buying a home in Florida as investments for college education, for retirement, or for their ‘estate’. How do you know that you are ready to by your first or next home here?

Begin asking your self those questions:

1. Do I have steady Income, such as employment, retirement… ?

2. Have I been in employment for the past 2 to 3 years preferable in the same job or the same employer?

3. Can I show a good record of paying my bills in time?

4. Do I have long-term bills such as Loan payments on a Car etc. ?

5. Do I have saved some money for a down payment or are there down payment assistance programs available in Tallahassee, Leon County or in the State of Florida to assist me?

6. Can I afford a Mortgage Payment right now? (take a look what you are paying on rent or your current mortgage payment)

If you answer those questions with yes-probably you are ready to buy Your first Home or your next or vacation home in Florida.

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