Foreclosure Solution

foreclosure solution

We have extensive experience in keeping Florida home owners from being foreclosed on,

Foreclosure Solutionby negotiating about Foreclosure Solution with asset managers in loss mitigation departments at the bank and mortgage companies across North America. We are able to get asset managers to agree to take less money than what is owned.

Florida Connects specializes in helping distressed sellers avoid public foreclosure. We are the founder of the Tallahassee Foreclosure Institute and the Fort Lauderdale Foreclosure Institute to assist distressed homeowners in Florida.

Our Consultants receive coaching and education to assist distressed homeowners in their area to avoid foreclosure. They are coached in many of the different Foreclosure Solution techniques to avoid public foreclosure.

Here are a few of the ways that the STOP Foreclosure Institute agents can help you avoid foreclosure:

1. We offer a low cost Loan Modification Kit

to homeowners who want to use it to reduce their mortgage payment and avoid public foreclosure.

Getting a loan modification is tough and we include the tools you will need in order to get your best shot at having your lender approve your loan modification.

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2. We help homeowners in foreclosure stop harassing debt collector phone calls and regain their sanity.

You can stop the Debt Collector Calls. You can even get up to $1,000 from any debt collector who calls you after you request they stop.

3. We assist homeowners who would like to sell their home.

We can help you sell normally if you have equity. If you are upside down with your home, then we will assist you with a short sale.

A short sale is when the lender allows the house to sell and accepts less pay-off on the mortgage than what is owed.

We specialize in Foreclosure Solution through short sales, loan modification in Florida.

We believe that selling a home is only one of many options available to homeowners to avoid foreclosure.

We only can help you if we know that you need help. You need to provide us your contact information below and you will be contacted right away by a specialist who can assist you to find the best solution to avoid public Foreclosure,

 1-800-648-0037 Ext. 2.