Florida Short Sales: When Hiring A Short Sale Agent Ask This Question

FLorida – The difference between success and failure for your short sale approval is the agent you will hire. If your agent doesn’t know and understand the short sale process than you are risking a lot. The lender could deny the short sale and  foreclose the home and even worst may ask you to repay the loss.

When hiring an Short Sale Agent here a few question you should ask them:

Question #1:

How many short sales have you listed and sold in the past 6 months? The agent should have active or sold listing within the past 6 month. This gives you assurances that he/ she is up to date with  potential issues.  Agent should understand the short sale process from start to finish.

Question #2:

What lenders have you negotiated short sales with? This will help you to find out if the agent has already experiences and negotiated with your lender. Then the agent knows already the process and policies with your lender.

A experienced agent has already done short sales with bank of America, wells Fargo and Chase while those lenders are the most common short sale lenders.

Question #3:

Tell me about my lender and how they work? A knowledgeable and experienced agent can tell you what to expect with your lender. The agent will usually know the specifics about the process. As well they will know and honestly tell you if your lender is likely to ask for a promissory note or deficiency.

Question #4:

Can you tell me about the success and failure on short sales you have handled? This will show you the agent’s track record. If they are hard working and diligent, then they will have a strong track record. That is good news for you.

Thinking about a short sale?

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Thanks for reading this, Annett T. Block.

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