Florida Short Sales Good Short Sale Realtor

What makes a Florida Short Sales Good Short Sale Realtor?

Florida Short Sales Good Short Sale Realtor A good and experienced Florida Short Sales good short sale Realtor will mean the difference between success and failure on your short sale.

Here are the qualities that make a Florida Short Sales good Short Sale Realtor.

Persistence. Short sales are frustrating. Many times you will feel like giving up. Many times you will feel like you have finished the task. The short sale will be approved.

Then, the lender tells you that they need a certain document signed by all parties. They won’t approve the short sale until they have that document. You have to send the document and have it signed by everyone.

Some people will be busy and won’t respond. You will have to persist until they sign it and send it back. You never know what documents lenders will throw in at the last minute.

They are always changing policies and procedures and requiring more documents.

Has good organizational skills. Most banks short sale departments are bureaucracies. Everything is CYA. The people working there are not sales people. They are not creative.

They don’t care if a short sale should be approved or not. They only care if their checklist says it should be approved. There is no goal in the process, except making sure the rules are followed properly.

(I think the goal of a short sale should be to reduce the bank’s losses. But, that isn’t the lender’s employee’s goal. They just care about perfect paperwork. Maybe that is why I find the bureaucratic nonsense so frustrating.)

The bottom line is that an organized short sale agent will be able to make sure those rules are followed. They will have everything in order so that the lender’s requests can be met and the short sale approved.

An organized agent will find the time every day to check on their short sale files and keep the process moving. A disorganized agent will put your file to the side for a week or more.

This will cause delays and could even cause your lender to cancel the short sale process because their requests aren’t being met.

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