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FLorida– The Foreclosure Institute recently received a question from Durry. Here was Durry’s Question.

“We have American Home Mortgage Servicing, a loan processor for a Mortgage held by Deutche Bank, adding a 1% “processing fee” that ONLY the buyer can pay at closing.

This was never revealed until we received the short sale approval letter. The buyer is upset.” Durry.

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Here was our answer to Durry’s Question. Yes, the buyer is upset. Buyers think they are in control in today’s market. They can’t see why they should pay a fee if they are buying a house in a “Buyer’s Market.”

I think this fee is unethical. We had the fee waived on a short sale we did. Your e-mail indicates that the buyer does not want to pay that fee.

The buyer needs to decide if they will or will not buy the house with the current terms and that fee. If that is the case, then you need to have the buyer put that in writing.

Send that letter to American Home Mortgage Servicing. Here is the problem that AHMSI has.

AHMSI doesn’t own any mortgages. Instead, they act as the front for other entities that own the mortgages.

From the sound of things, the owner of this loan is a pension fund or “Average Joe” stock market investors.

The guy we talked to at AHMSI said they had checked with their legal department on the fee. The legal dept said it was ok.

But, once we threatened to contact the owner of the loan directly they agreed to waive the fee. They only reason they are able to get away with this is because the loan owners never check to see what is happening.

This is such a blatant example of a lender breaching their fiduciary duty to the loan owner. It’s wrong. But, do you know why AHMSI can get away with it?

The loan owner doesn’t know about the fee being charged. So, let them know about in on your short sale. Find out who owns the loan. Contact them and let them know what AHMSI is doing.

Here is the bottom line. A buyer that has to pay 1% to AHMSI is going to pay 1% less for the house they are purchasing.

This causes the pension fund that owns the loan to lose even more money. What an atro city! Thinking about buying a short sale?

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