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We love, love, love Florida and want to invite you to get the most Florida Information on Lifestyle and  real estate  when a decision has come to move to Florida.

Florida InfoFlorida, the “Sunshine State,” can be reached by air, land and sea, where sunny charm mingles with natural surroundings and offers you a life in paradise.

No matter what time of year you arrive, you are going to love staying here with the Florida info provided. And no matter where you live you will enjoy some of the best weather in the nation with warm, sunny winters and cool, breezy summers.

Surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, Florida has something to offer for every lifestyle from north to south.

North Florida shares its borders with Georgia and Alabama and welcomes you with its authentic southern charm known to be warm, relaxing and hospitable. North Florida Info stretches from Pensacola, near the Alabama border in the west, all the way to Jacksonville on the Atlantic Ocean, just south of Georgia. Known as the “Panhandle” or “Big Bend,” Tallahassee, the capital of Florida, lies in the middle of that stretch in LEON County. Choosing to reside in North Florida will most likely have you experience a country lifestyle while at the same time being surrounded by gorgeous national forest and world-class golf courses, the nations well-known college towns, and a deep southern charm from the “Dixie” land.

The acclaimed city of Orlando, with its renowned Disney World, lies in the middle of Central Florida, which reaches from the Tampa Bay area on the Gulf of Mexico to Daytona Beach on the east coast. Thriving on tourism, Central Florida has been heavily influenced by both North and South Florida, cultivating its own unique lifestyle in the process, famous for its easygoing, relaxing, comforting southern lifestyle mixed with the vibrant flair inspired by the various cultures, home to South Florida. Having not only beautiful coastlines on both sides, Central Florida Info also features over 1,500 lakes and natural water sources, and is home to the most famous amusement parks in the world, ranging from Bush Gardens to Disney world and its numerous parks, ensuring for people of all ages to truly enjoy this part of gorgeous Florida.

South Florida is visited by millions of people every year for its picture perfect beaches and energetic lifestyle. Not only does it offer mouthwatering foods at its numerous excellent restaurants, but also presents great shopping opportunities. Beaches and Cities are well maintained, businesses provide high quality services, thus creating a great standard of living affordable by all. Thriving on a modern yet casual way of life, along with its pristine charm of “Old Florida,” creates a diversity of lifestyles, one in which every person is able to find his or her own unique niche. Throughout this South Florida info there is always something exciting going on, perhaps because it is an unbeatable destination that is able to deliver opportunities and experiences unlikely to be soon forgotten. Whether you desire Florida Info on luxury mega-yachts, speed boats, stretch limousines, sport cars, Casinos, the finest hotel resorts or multi-million dollar homes, South Florida is able to accommodate all of your needs and wants. The exotic landscapes can be divided into various areas, each showcasing its own unique styles of architecture, museums and art galleries, performing art centers, numerous outdoor festivals and concerts under the stars. South Florida is considered to be the melting pot of different cultures, industries, fashions and entertainment, all of which differentiates this particular part of Florida from the rest.

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