Florida Homes: What Is An “AS IS” Sale On A Florida Home

Florida Connects If you’re in the market to buy or sell a Florida home anytime soon, and you want the perfect home or the best possible price, and terms, there are things you need to do up front.

Many Florida properties in our days are sold in “As Is” condition, especial Florida short sales, foreclosure and bank owned properties are sold in  “As Is” condition. Do you know and understand what the term “As Is” means?

An “as is” property is sold without a warranty as to condition, repairs, or structure. With an “as is” sale, the buyer is on notice that the Florida Home seller makes no promises regarding the property’s physical status.

With an “as is” sale, it is extremely difficult to make a claim against a seller if something is found to be wrong with the property after closing.

“As is” clauses should be seen as an absolute requirement to make the transaction contingent on a professional inspection “satisfactory” to you.  With a properly written sale agreement contingency, if you are not satisfied, then the deal is dead and you can get back your deposit in full.

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