Florida Homes: Do I Need To Disclose Anything Wrong With My House?

Florida Homes – We always receive a question about Sellers Disclosure like this :

“I am thinking of selling my house. There are some problems with the house. I know that most home buyers get a home inspected before they buy it.

Do I have to tell them about the problems? Or, should I leave them for the inspector to find?”

Here was our answer. We would disclose everything to the home buyers. It doesn’t do you any good to hide any problems.

The inspector will probably find them. But, if any are missed, then the buyers could sue you later on for damages.

I don’t know all the legal ramifications. In my opinion, they could sue you for hiding a problem that you knew about.

Who needs legal problems? Besides, even if the house sells for less money as a result of the problems, then at least you sold the house and don’t have to worry about the Buyers coming after you.

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