Florida Home Buyer: Buyer Be Aware!

I have a good story today about another bank losing their shirt because their short sale process is so tough to work with.

The bank in question is a large, top 20 American Bank. They actually owned the loan in question. So their stockholders lost 50k from their negligence. Ouch!

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Here is the story from a  Foreclosure Institute Member.“We met some buyers at an open house. They told us they were buying a house just down the street from one that we had for sale.

They had a contract to buy the house for $275,000. They knew the house was a short sale. They were getting frustrated because they had been waiting for the short sale to be approved.

They had already been waiting for several months with no answer. They mentioned something about 3 mortgages and the junior mortgages were hard to work with.

5-6 months later we noticed that the house was back on the market. They time the asking price was $229,900. It finally sold several months later for $229,000.

That means this bank lost $46,000 on the lower sales price. In addition, we estimate that the lender lost another $15,000 in lost interest income and property taxes.

That means this lender lost $50,000 to $60,000 because their short sale process was so hard to work with. To be honest, I would be kind of embarrassed if I was the CEO of that bank.

The other thing is that the short sale realtor in question was inexperienced. She had very little experience with short sales, which she openly admitted.

If that lender pushes for a deficiency judgment, that agnet’s lack of short sale experience could have cost those home sellers $50,000. Ouch!”

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