Florida Home Auction Method And How It Works

Florida Home Auction Method And How It WorksFlorida Connects Quick Seller Sale system provides  you with a fast, efficient, and convenient way to sell your Florida home in North and South Florida in a manner that is fair to both home buyer and seller in the Florida real estate market.

This strategy is used while selling your Florida  home very quickly or as a last effort after trying other marketing strategies. With this system we will increase demand for your home.

Our home auction selling method in Florida is a buyer-friendly sales method that eliminates all the usual risk associated with buying at actions. All bidders are welcome, no pre-qualification is necessary and the bid can be withdrawn at any time.

Buying at Auction Method Sales

In General:

As a bidder on our Florida Homes you are not competing with the seller. You are competing with other bidders on any given property.

All-House-Bid homes have been certified by industry experts to be the best deal available on the Florida market today.

It is in the Home sellers best interest to conduct the bidding in a fair, honest and open fashion. Your-House-Bid-Auction Method Sales homes come with a Warranty against defect and protecting Florida Homeowners against any mechanical defects.*

Auction Method is not an outcry or absolute auction. The Outcry and absolute auctions are conducted by strict rules, no time to think during the auction, and cash on hand.

Our bids are taken leisurely.

As an Auction Method bidder, you have enough time to fully consider your bids and what you want to do. Neither party is legally obligated.

Real Estate Agents are welcome to bring bids on behalf of their clients in Florida. We will pay a real estate commission when a successful closing has transpired.

If you don’t know how much to bid, make a bid that you know will not be the highest. Please ask for help if needed. You will then be called after the open house and you may increase your bid at the time.

Being the highest bidder going into the bidding round can give you an advantage because you will be contacted first.

This system is not for everyone but if you think we can promote your home at auction method sale let us know and we will have free consultation if this method is something for you.

Let us know send us an email at info@FloridaConnectsInc.com or view our Auction Method Homes

Bidding Rules