North Florida Lifestyle

Living The North florida Lifestyle

North Florida North Florida is a region in the State of Florida and has not much in common with the Sunshine State’s crowded beaches, picture perfect palm trees and exotic flowers, city scrapers and high rise buildings and stuffed roads during rush hour.  Instead, you will find one church after another who are the center living the North Florida lifestyle, entertainment and activities and College Football is a cult.

Many North Floridians choose to live here because of the quality of life, a rural suburban setting.  It is a life with a glimpse of the past to the earlier days of Florida – one in country settings, one with a slow tempo, one where you can watch time pass by on your front porch rocking chair and one with hostel to changes.

North Florida settles along the Gulf of Mexico with miles of powder white sandy beaches.  Beaches start from the west corner of North Florida in Pensacola to Panama City along Florida’s forgotten coast, the shores of Alligator Point, to the Apalachicola River, Carrabelle, Dog Island and St. George Island.

The second stretch of beaches in North Florida is along the Atlantic Ocean. Best known along the North Florida Atlantic Coast is the City of Jacksonville. Jacksonville is the biggest city in North Florida, the biggest city in the State of Florida and the largest city by area in the contiguous Unites States.

Weather in with living the North Florida lifestyle will provide you a change of all four seasons.  The summer months are hot and humid and when it rains, it pours. Winter times have temperatures sometimes well below freezing, but it almost never snows here. Summer temperatures are well over 90 degrees with 90 percent humidity.  Summer’s in North Florida last from May until October. Spring and Fall seasons are simply gorgeous. Hurricanes are a part of living in Florida but a major impact has been the past years only along the North Florida coasts.

The neighborhood flair in North Florida is part of the southern charm. The North Florida Real Estate market benefits from a variety of lifestyles. There are numerous lifestyle choices between old plantation settings, country settings, a lifestyle within the charm of older established neighborhoods, a lifestyle surrounded by more established areas from the older days or a modern lifestyle with new construction homes.  You can find wooded homes, lake front properties, ocean front homes, and homes on the golf course or country homes. Don’t look out for high-rise building on the coastline of North Florida, you will not find too many.

North Florida is home to the Apalachicola National forest on nearly half a million acres. Wakulla Springs is the world’s largest, freshest and deepest freshwater springs. In some areas, you can explore 400 year old trees and many downtowns are settled in very old historic districts. Major universities/ colleges are located throughout North Florida, such as Florida State University (FSU) and Florida A&M University (FAMU) in Tallahassee and University of Florida (UF) in Gainesville to name a few.

The Capital of Florida is located in North Florida in the City of Tallahassee, Leon County. Besides that, Tallahassee is known as a College Town it also is home to city, county, state government and several federal agencies. Tallahassee is home to the state lawmakers where Florida major State business takes place.

International Airports in North Florida are located in the City of Panama BeachPensacola and Jacksonville.  Major interstate are I-10 through North Florida from Pensacola to Jacksonville and part of I-95 from Gainesville to Jacksonville and I-75 passes near Gainesville through Lake City into Georgia