Fixing Credit To Buy A Florida Home Step 8: Checking Your Results

FLorida – The next step in your credit repair process is a very important one. This is the time where you check the results of your efforts so far.

The credit bureaus have now sent you their results, including a new credit report and a letter telling you what has changed on the report based on your disputes.

Don’t just read what they sent and file it away! Make a copy of it, and have it ready to file.

Take out your file that has the original copy of your credit report and put it side by side with the new report. Take out your copy of the letter you originally sent to the bureau that laid out all the things you were disputing.

Go through and compare these disputes against their updated credit report.

Their summary might say that an item was investigated but was verified, and so it still shows on your credit report, and wasn’t removed. They won’t say more than, “item verified.”

This could discourage you, but what folks who’ve been down this road before you will tell you is that no one called the original information provider to verify the item – that they used that eOscar dataset to check it out.

If they “verified” something on your credit report which clearly isn’t yours:

  1. Call the toll-free number at the top of the report
  2. Tell them your report reference number and ask for “the method of verification per FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) Section 611 (a) (7).
  3. If they say they called the original creditor, ask them for the phone number of the original creditor.
  4. Call the original creditor and ask for the records yourself.
  5. If they say the records are not available, call the credit reporting agency back at their number from the results report and tell them that the original creditor has no records, and that they need to open another dispute – provide them with the name and number of the person you just talked to at the original creditor.

This sounds like a lot of hassle, but it’s worth the extra effort.

On the other hand – you might find in your new reporting from the credit bureaus that the disputed item was investigated and the listing was found to be inaccurate or unverifiable!

If this is the case, the negative listing will either be deleted from your report all together or it will go from being a negative to being a positive. This is great news for you!

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