Fixing Credit To Buy A FLorida Home Step 9: Rinse & Repeat

 FLorida – The next step in your path to an improved credit score is to do what they say on the shampoo bottles: Rinse and Repeat.

In the Rinse and Repeat phase, you just keep working their system.

Here’s what I mean: You send in a dispute, maybe disputing the date that the account was opened, and the credit reporting bureau can’t verify it, and they pull the whole listing off your report!

You can’t keep submitting the same dispute reason over and over again to the bureau – they will view you as a nuisance and will dismiss your disputes as frivolous.

Also, don’t bombard these folks with your disputes – you won’t get the desired results. But, you can dispute information that needs to be verified. The suggested order of ways to dispute are:

  1. Not my account
  2. I didn’t pay late that month
  3. That is the wrong amount
  4. That is the wrong account number
  5. That is the wrong original creditor
  6. That is the wrong charge-off date
  7. That is the wrong date for the last activity on the account
  8. That is the wrong balance
  9. That is the wrong credit limit

10. That is the wrong status of the account

11. That is the wrong highest amount I owed at any time (High Credit Amount)

You can challenge the same listing on your credit report in the Rinse and Repeat phase. The first time, you might say “not my account” and the next time you would say “I was never late.”

You just never know when you’ll find the dispute that gets the listing taken off of your credit report. Send your dispute in, and let the 30 day clock run.

But, like I said before – don’t bombard them immediately after getting your results. Wait 60 days between disputes. Keep excellent records of your efforts. Be persistent, be insistent, and more than likely it will pay off.

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