Fixing Credit: Avoid This Mistake With Debt Collectors

FLorida – I heard about a guy who got ripped off by a debt collector. The debt collector asked if he could pay them $500. He wanted to do the right thing. So he agreed to pay the $500. The debt collector sent him a form to make the payment thru his checking account. He filled out the form and signed off on it. The debt collector proceeded to completely drain his bank account.

They sucked out $1,800. This caused major financial problems for this guy. He couldn’t afford gas to get to work. The reason that the debt collector was able to get the extra $1,300 was the fine print on the bottom of their form. The moral of the story? Never give any of your financial information to a debt collector or anyone.

If you do settle with a debt collector, only send them a payment where they can’t track you. Use a money order. Money orders keep all of your bank account information private. You can buy one with cash or a debit card. The debt collector will never get your account information.

Never give any of your financial information to a debt collector. Do not send them info on your checking account, savings account, IRA, 401k, or any other financial account you have. Many state and federal laws often give a debt collector permission to take money out of your accounts, with or without your permission.

Unless you are a lawyer, you won’t know if or when they can take money. So you are simply better off never giving them your info. The debt collection company that I mentioned above is based out of Colorado. I don’t remember their name. They tried to collect from another person I know. They were very pushy. They only wanted his checking account info.

They wouldn’t accept any other payment method. It appears they use that tactic on everyone they call. Hope this helps you in your situation. Would you like to discuss your situation with me? You can call e-mail me at or call us in Tallahassee at (850)364-3946 or Fort Lauderdale at (954) 586-3930.

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