Earth Day April 22

Celebrate Earth Day April 22 with us today. This is an excellent opportunity to provide you  information on environmental friendly feature buyers looking today finding in a home. Take a look at this Green friendly information in the infographic below:

Earth Day April 22

As you can see 11% of new homebuyers stated “energy efficient features” is one of a reason they are looking into for their purchase. This can be showcased with energy efficient appliances in your kitchen as an example.

When you start your remodeling think about environmental friendly upgrades that don’t need to be expensive. The most popular remodeling projects done for energy efficiency were insulation upgrades, HVAC replacements, and vinyl & wood window installations.

Want attract “GREEN BUYERS” choose your words wisely with your word choice keep it simple and easy to understand!

Going GREEN is not that difficult and small task can make a big difference in our everyday lives. You can start with turn off the lights when you leave the room, turn off the water if you don’t need it, replace your light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs…Every small task counts and Earth Day April 22 is a good reminder of that.

We believe in taking care  of our environmental issues, that we can make better choices for an energy-efficient, more comfortable, and healthier life that surrounds us every day.

Happy Earth Day April 22 from all of us at Florida Connects where we are GREEN certified!