Why do I need A Buyers Agent In Florida?

Why do I need A Buyers Agent In Florida?

Why do I need A Buyers Agent In Florida?

We cannot stress enough and answer the question “Why do I need A Buyers Agent In Florida?“ over and over again.

Sadly too many times we see when home buyers engage with the listing agent on a Florida home, without even knowing what they are going into.

Buyers are under the impression and think that they maybe can get a better deal when buying direct from the Listing agent. But this is not the case.

Why do I need A Buyers Agent In Florida?

1) The Listing agent represents the seller! The fiduciary responsibility of the listing agent is with the homeowner, because they have a signed contract.

What has a buyer – no signed contract? This means all information given to the listing agent needs to be disclosed to the homeowner the seller.

A listing agent represents the seller Interest AT ALL TIMES!

2) Why do I need A Buyers Agent In Florida? Because a Buyers Representation is the tool where a Buyer’s agent will represent you. A buyers agent represent your best interest and have the fiduciary to you the Buyer.

A Buyer’s Agent represents the buyers interest AT ALL TIMES!

3) Buyer’s Agent has an instant and always updated access to current information on homes and home information. Not only to the home listing itself but also such us sellers disclosures, property tax information and sometimes even homes for sale not out on the open market.

We Represent Buyer And Their Best Interest!

4) Buyers Agent should be educated about the process and should educate you the buyer along the way. Make you comfortable with the steps needed and assist you during the transaction. If you have any question a buyer’s agent can answer you and give you the right direction.

5) Buyers Agent facilitates the transaction and will move forward with a smooth closing process. There are so many small details and “hick ups” in a transaction, where the buyer’s agent has the knowledge and responsibility to represent your best interest. There is the loan application, the inspection process, an appraisal and many more small details your buyer’s agent will keep track off.

The next time when you want to call or talk direct to a Listing Agent think twice. Always keep in mind they will not have your best interest in mind. Why do I need A Buyers Agent In Florida? – Simple, you want to be on the same level as a seller when searching and negotiating for your new home.

Why do I need A Buyers Agent In Florida?

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