How Does The Bidding Process Work?

Bidding process on Auction Method Sales

No pre-qualification is necessary for the bidding process.

All bidders are welcome!

Bidding Process1. There is NO fee to register to bid.

2. If you wish to be included in the bidding process, please provide the bid sheet from the bidding package by the end of the last open house or make your bid online or by email on or before each end of the day as noted.

3. This is not an absolute auction. By placing a bid, you are simply making an offer to purchase on your next Florida home. The seller is not obligated to accept any offer whatsoever. All bids are simply an offer to purchase.

4. Real Estate Commissions:
A full price offer does not constitute a commission being due. The price listed is simply a low bid price or the requested minimum bid in the bidding process. A real estate commission will only be paid when you have signed up with a Real Estate Brokerage at the time of registration and once an offer has been accepted and a successful closing has transpired.

5. With the exception of the bidding process, all of the other steps are similar to any other Real Estate transaction.

We will conduct several bidding rounds in this manner.

A. Each time you receive a call you have three options:

a. Raise the high bid
b. Keep your bid the same price
c. Retire from bidding

B. We will offer homes in Florida  to the highest or/ and best bidder at his or her highest or best bid price. No bid is binding on the buyer or seller until a contract is executed.

C. If the highest bidder does not purchase the home or meet the conditions of the terms of sale, the home will be offered to the next highest bidder at the previous high bid price.

This Auction Method Sale is a special marketing plan to bring Florida home buyer and seller together more quickly, in a condensed, mutually beneficial, selling period of time.

There is no risk!

We make the process rewarding and stress-free!

If you are ready to make the greatest deal with our next Florida Connects Auction Method Sale home in the Florida market just include your email below and we will send you a list with homes coming up for the Auction method sale!

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Bidding Rules