Best St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Fort Lauderdale 2016

Best St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Fort Lauderdale 2016

Best-St.-Patricks-Day-Celebration-Fort-Lauderdale-2016It’s fun to be Irish and if it is for  just one day or two to have the best St. Patrick’s Day celebration Fort Lauderdale 2016. So get ready to be green and start the celebration.

The best St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Fort Lauderdale 2016 starts of on March 12 with  the Fort Lauderdale St. Patrick’s Parade and Festival. The Parade and Festival return to the streets of downtown Fort Lauderdale with offering fun and excitement for the whole family.  The best of all it is a free event. To follow the event and for up top date information click here. You also can follow the event on facebook.

On the Day of St, Patrick’s Day  March 17 Pompano Beach own Flanigan and 26 Degree Brewing Co is holding their 1st Annual St. Paddy’s Block Party on Atlantic Blvd. The festivities start at 2pm until as they say ” fat leprechaun sings!”. I am sure it will a lot of fun, don’t miss it and follow the event here!

Every year there is a block party in Fort Lauderdale the Day of St. Patrick’s Day so dont confuse this with the St. Patrick’s Day Parade Day the weekend before St. Patricks Day. Confusing right ;). So the best St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Fort Lauderdale 2016 will be a Block Party on t. Patrick’s day in Downtown Fort Lauderdale.

And than there is the bar hopping you can do on St. Patrick’s day. Many of the local bars and restaurants have their own celebration with special food, special drinks, own bands and parties.

Even I am not Irish I love the corn beef, cabbage and fingerling patatoes special prepared that day and I will not miss it this year either. So I will be cooking that day, invite family and friend and we will end up in Lauderdale by the Sea Town Square where the local bar and restaurants have special celebration planned around St. Patrick’s day. It will be a fun celebration again.

On this note and to get home we will take the Pelican Hoppera free ride home. So please make sure you dont drink and drive!