Benefits Florida Short Sale?

Benefits Florida Short Sale for Seller or the Bank?

benefits-florida-short-saleBenefits Florida Short Sale – Even though lenders pretend to hate short sales, they actually benefit from short sales. Let me explain why.

A lender gets to sell the house at today’s price, versus what it will be worth 6-12 months down the road. We just did a comparison and pulled up sold listings.

All of the listings were the same, very comparable, and located in 3 similar, comparable neighborhoods. All were less than 2 miles apart.

First, we looked up the average selling price per SQFT of homes that sold in a 3 month period. In spring 2009, all the homes sold for an average of $103 a SQFT.

Then, we pulled up houses in the same neighborhoods that sold after the bank had foreclosed on them. Those sales were 6-9 months later than the original sales. Does this benefits Florida short sale? Read more.

6-9 months later, the average sales price of a home in these neighborhoods was $85 a SQFT. These homes average 1,700 a SQFT.

That means a 1,700 foreclosure sold for $30,600 less than it would have sold as a short sale six months before. Ouch! Sure, most short sales are cheaper than comparable bank owned or “seller with equity” sales.

But, we’re bringing a tremendous amount of value to the bank. The other person that’s getting value is the buyer. They get a better deal in today’s market than buying a “seller with equity” or REO.

You, the seller is also getting a better deal. You get a lower deficiency and your credit is back to normal in 18-24 months.

A short sale is a win – win for everyone involved and benefit Florida short sale. Thinking about the benefits Florida short sale?

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