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Annett T. Block is the founder of the Fort Lauderdale Foreclosure Institute and is a licensed real estate broker with Florida Connects.

Our mission is helping and assisting distressed home owners in South Florida to avoid foreclosure. Agents at the Fort Lauderdale Foreclosure Institute are licensed and receive specialist training, coaching and education to assist homeowners avoiding foreclosure.

Agents are coached in many of the different techniques available to assist homeowners. Here are a few of the ways how agents at the Fort Lauderdale Foreclosure Institute can help you avoid foreclosure:

1. Loan Modification Kit

The loan modification kit we offer is to assist homeowners who want to use the information to reduce their mortgage payment and avoid foreclosure.

Getting a loan modification approved is tough. We include the tools you need in order to get your best shot at having your lender approve your loan modification request.

2. stop harassing debt collector phone calls and regain their sanity.

Did you know you can stop the Debt Collector Calls? You can even get up to $1,000 from any debt collector who calls you after your request to stop.

3. assisting homeowners who would like to sell their home.

We can help you sell  your home with enough equity.

If you are upside down, then we assist you with a short sale. A short sale is when the lender allows the house to sell and accepts less than what is owed on the mortgage. We specialize in short sales in South Florida.

Selling a home is only one of many options available to homeowners to avoid foreclosure. Many homeowners throughout South Florida have ask for our help. Our consultation is FREE to home owners, and you will not be asked to pay anything at any time.

The time and resources avaible to us are limited. We serve on first come first serve principal. Make your appointment today and call our Free Hotline at 1-800-648-0037 Ext. 1024 or email us at with any question.

If you want to know more about short sales and your options to avoid foreclosure we are here to help, you just need to ask.