A Common Home Selling Marketing Mistake: Not Promoting Unique Properties to Buyers Looking For Unique Properties

FLorida – Unique properties usually have a “love it” or “hate it” aspect to them. A great example is pool homers.

Some buyers want a home with a pool. They are willing to spend $20,000 to $50,000 more for a home with a pool. Other buyers absolutely do not want a pool.

“Don’t show me any pool homes”, they tell their agent. If those buyers are not going to like the pool home once they see it, then what is the use trying to hide it.

Show it off. That is why a pool home should be marketed loud and clear as a “pool home.” The same goes for other unique properties, such as waterfront properties.

Another good example is a home that backs up to a power line. A power line is a huge negative for most buyers. But, it is a big plus to other buyers.

I heard a story about a home that backed up to power lines. The sellers had a hard time selling it. They finally hired an agent that knew a certain home buyer would like it.

The perfect buyer for that home is a family that loves ATVS. They could ride their ATVs on the power line easement.

Most roads and neighborhoods are unfriendly to ATV riders. The power line gave them miles of trails to ride without being harassed.

A third example is homes located down a dirt road. These homes appeal to people with horses because the dirt road is a great place to ride a horse.

They don’t appeal to people without horses (who wants to live down a dirt road?) This is why a home down a dirt road needs to be marketed to horse owners.

If you have a unique home, then you need an agent who can market it properly. More than likely, your home’s unique features need to be proclaimed loud and clear.

In a few other cases, they don’t. A good, experienced realtor will know what to do.

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